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A flash drive is just one of the many ways medical devices and the ePHI they hold can be corrupted, hindering patient safety and costing hospitals more than $2.4 million for a single breach.

For a limited time, request a complimentary USB lock, which enables you to easily block access to USB drives.

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Out of Sight, Out of Control

> Identify hidden patient safety, data security & compliance risks unique to medical devices.

> Examine the business, clinical and legal repercussions of these common oversights.

> Identify action steps to minimize or reverse risks.

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Meaning-less: Why Many Meaningful Use Claims Today Are False

Is your organization at risk of having to pay back funds?

As regulations evolve, many healthcare providers who have attested to Meaningful Use may have done so falsely, whether or not that was their intent. Consequently, they may lose Meaningful Use funds as the federal government implements pre- and post-payment audits. (Plus, be on the hook for a HIPAA violation, to boot.)

Learn why and what you can (and must!) do about it.

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Managing the Unknown

eProtex asked industry experts with rich, clinical, health technology and legal backgrounds to share their expertise on what minefields could impair patient safety and data, putting healthcare providers at considerable risk for breaches, violations and financial loss.

In this resource, Dr. Alan Snell, former CMIO, and Jeffrey Short, healthcare attorney, focus on medical device risks that are easily missed, and easily catastrophic.

More importantly, they offer guidance on what to do about it.

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Acing an Audit: The First Things HIPAA Auditors Will Ask You

Identifying the Most Vulnerable Devices to HIPAA Compliance

5 Steps to HIPAA Compliance

Implementing Data Destruction Policies to Secure Patient Data

Infographic: Hidden HIPAA & Meaningful Use "Fail" Risks [ view online | PDF ]

Glossary (health technology, compliance and security terms)


Hidden Risks of Connected Medical Devices
Host: HCCA
Speaker: Earl Reber, Executive Director, eProtex

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